David Petraeus

Birth Name: David Howell Petraeus

Place of Birth: Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York, United States

Date of Birth: November 7, 1952

*Frisian (father)
*German, Welsh, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Dutch, English, Scottish (maternal grandfather)
*English (maternal grandmother)

David Petraeus is an American military officer and public official.

David is the son of Miriam Sweet (Howell) and Sixtus Petraeus. His father was born in Franeker, Friesland, The Netherlands. His mother was born in East Bangor, Pennsylvania, to an English mother and an American father of German, Welsh, Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), Dutch, English, and Scottish, ancestry.

David’s paternal grandfather was Lodewijk Jans Petraeus (the son of Jan Lodewijks Petraeus and Afke Ijsbrands Steensma). David’s great-grandfather Jan was the son of Lodewijk Jacobus Petraeus and Sjoukje Jans de Jager. Afke was the daughter of Ijsbrand Romkes Steensma and Rinsje Wolters Veenstra.

David’s paternal grandmother was Jacobje Jans de Jong (the daughter of Jan Aebes de Jong and Baukje Kornelis de Roos). David’s great-grandfather Jan was the son of Aebe Jans de Jong and Froukje Jans Noorderhaven. Baukje was the daughter of Kornelis Jacobs de Roos and Aah Tittes Woudstra.

David’s maternal grandfather was William Richard Howell (the son of Richard Fair Howell and Margaret Della Roberts). David’s great-grandfather Richard was the son of William August Howell and Emeline Darrah Dewitt. Margaret was the daughter of William G. Roberts, who was Welsh, and of Martha Ann Weidman.

David’s maternal grandmother was Nellie Francis Sweet (the daughter of Henry Sweet and Anna French). Nellie was English. Henry was the son of John Sweet.

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