David Archuleta

Birth Name: David James Archuleta

Place of Birth: Miami, Florida, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 28, 1990

*Basque, Danish, Irish, German, Iroquois Native American (father)
*Honduran (mother)

David Archuleta is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. He was a contestant on Season 7 of the show American Idol, finishing second.

David’s father, who is American-born, is of Basque, Danish, Irish, German, and Iroquois Native American descent. David’s mother is from Honduras.

90 percent of Hondurans are of Mestizo descent, a mixture of European and Indigenous ancestry.

David’s paternal grandfather is James Jose Rosendo Archuleta (the son of James J. Archuleta).

David’s paternal grandmother was Claudia Ann Diehl (the daughter of Warren Claude Diehl and Mary Violet “Vi” Brown). Warren was the son of Warren Charles Diehl and Thelma Katherine Searle. Mary was the daughter of Danish parents, Jens/James Einar Brown and Kirstine Marie Jensen.

David’s maternal grandfather is Wilfredo Mayorga Alonzo (the son of Jose Joaquin Mayorga Amador and Isabel Alonzo Martinez).

David’s maternal grandmother is named Guadalupe Eulalia Rodriguez Mendoza.

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  1. Ok my grandmas name surname is uriostegui and I been serching to c where it comes from and I recently found out is basque so I really don’t know what basque is and I was wondering if anyone has any info on that last name or on basque? And does that make basque one of my ethnic backgrounds I also have a surname adame and any info on that is also apreciated thnx..

  2. Jeff Archuleta begs to differ. He told me that he is proud of his Spanish AND his Basque lineage. He understands that the parenthetical “Spanish” was merely meant as an indication of geographical location and not cultural homogeneity. That is not to say that David Archuleta’s father feels solidarity with all displaced ethnicities i.e. Palestinians, Kurds, Uighurs and Native Americans.

    What kind of Basque name is “Baker” anyway? I question your whole agenda.

  3. You put Basque (Spanish) and thereby INSULTED Basque people! I am half Basque, and I can tell you RIGHT NOW that we are NOT Spanish and NOT French!!! This is a very cool website, but that is completely inaccurate! Archuleta is a BASQUE name – it is NOT Spanish!!!!

    1. i think that as long as you know what you are why worry what people think? darcy you are basque ok, get over it. yourself knows that you are not spanish so why are you arguing?

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