Cory Monteith

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Birth Name: Cory Allan Michael Monteith

Date of Birth: May 11, 1982

Place of Birth: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Date of Death: July 13, 2013

Place of Death: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Ethnicity: Scottish, Irish, English, distant Dutch

Cory Monteith was a Canadian actor and musician. He is known for his role on the television series Glee. Cory was the son of Ann McGregor and Joe Monteith.

Cory’s paternal grandfather was of Phillip Murray Monteith (the son of Joseph Monteith and Bessie Lucinda Jackson). Joseph was Scottish, born in Glasgow, the son of John Monteith and Sarah. Bessie was the daughter of Samuel Jackson and Mary Louise/Louisa Flewelling.

Cory’s paternal grandmother was Phyllis Lorraine Sweeney (the daughter of Maynard Brown Sweeney and Margaret Pearl Parks). Maynard was the son of James Oscar Sweeney and Mable Blackadar/Blackador. Margaret was the daughter of William Marshall Parks and Helen Elizabeth Estey.

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  1. Correction. He also had Dutch ancestry threw the flewellings and dentons. Martha Leffert who was born in the 1680s had a father who was born in Holland and her mother while born in NYC had Dutch roots as well.

  2. Correction. I found the marriage record for Phillip Murray monteith and it list his mother as Bessie Lucinda Jackson not Bessie Spencer. I tried finding out more, but have not been able to.

          1. Bessies fathers name was Raymond Leslie Spencer and her mom’s name was Annie eleanor Mitchell. When I put his name into rootsweb it gave me info on his ancestors.

          2. I may be missing something, but how do you know Raymond Leslie Spencer and Annie Eleanor Mitchell were Cory’s great-great-grandparents? The trees on Rootsweb don’t list a daughter named Bessie, although they aren’t always comprehensive.

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