Cillian Murphy

Place of Birth: Douglas, County Cork, Ireland

Date of Birth: 25 May, 1976

Ethnicity: Irish

Cillian Murphy is an Irish actor. His father, Brendan Murphy, was a school inspector, and his mother, a teacher of French.

Cillian is married to visual artist Yvonne McGuinness, with whom he has two children.

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23 Replies to “Cillian Murphy”

      1. @ follers

        Internet is filled with ephebic, pasty albinoes who mock tanned people. A world turned upside-down. Cillian and Jamie virtually have the same complexion though.

  1. So he and Colin Farrell share the same ethnicity? Odd…

    Murphy looks more Scandinavian though. Something about his piercing blue eyes and full lips.

      1. Funny you say this. Because when people criticize the idea of someone as dark as Colin Farrel being Irish, we hear folks go like “um, many Irish people look like this”.

        And now you’re telling me “most Irish people look like Cillian”? Um….

        Who is right? Because both sides are strong in their opinion.

        1. Most Irish are blue eyed and brown haired like Cillian but just like every other European nationality there are people with a range of colouring. You can get people with blond hair and blue eyes or red hair and green eyes and people like Colin Farrell.

          It is baffling that people think that any country in Europe is either all blond or all brunet. A place like Ireland has a lot of variety.

          Just as an example here is Colin Farrell’s co star in the movie In Bruges. Both Colin and Brendan Gleeson are Irishmen.

        2. Well both ‘sides’ are right. Do think think Ireland has one hair colour? Ireland, like every European nation, has a range of hair colours from ginger to black, blond to brown. The majority of the population has brown hair/blue eyes. Calling Colin Farrell dark is extremely generous use of the word (and ridiculous tbh, what are sub-saharan Africans if he’s dark?).

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