Christy Turlington

Birth Name: Christy Nicole Turlington

Place of Birth: Walnut Creek, Contra Costa, California, United States

Date of Birth: January 2, 1969

Ethnicity: English, Salvadoran

Christy Turlington is an American supermodel and actress. She is the daughter of María Elizabeth Parker Infante and Dwain Bryan Turlington. Her father was an American, with English ancestry. Her mother is from Santa Ana, El Salvador, and is of Salvadoran and distant English descent. Christy is married to actor Edward Burns, with whom she has two children.

Christy writes about her mother’s immigrant experience here.

Christy’s paternal grandfather was Willis Bryan Turlington (the son of Leonidas Lemay Turlington and Laura Frances Sorrell). William was born in North Carolina. Leonidas was the son of Randall Turlington and Emaline Charity Utley. Laura was the daughter of John Calvin Sorrell and Nancy Jane Ryals.

Christy’s paternal grandmother was Grace Maude Fagg (the daughter of John Thomas Fagg and Nellie Ellen Caton).

Christy’s maternal grandfather was Horacio Humberto Parker (the son of Arturo Párker Orellana and Concepción Vides/Vives). Horacio was born in Santa Ana, Santa Ana, El Salvador. Arturo likely was the son of Horacio Parker and Elena Orellana. Horacio was likely descended from Joseph Robert Parker, who was born, c. 1786, in Great Britain.

Christy’s maternal grandmother was Maria Antonieta Yrene Infante Díaz (the daughter of Hector Infante and Concepción Díaz). Maria was born in San Salvador, El Salvador.

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. lovedawn says:

    So… as I read the replies I am troubled by the silly comments regarding she’s too white or she’s all white because her mom is from El Salvador of English descent (what ever that means)! Her mother is Central American from Central America and that is that! Btw it’s horrible that being “brown” is still offensive…

    • Anonymous says:

      But Christy said herself that her mother, Liz Parker, is a Salvadoran of English descent. I didn’t pull it out of thin air. There is nothing wrong with being brown, but everyone that comes from those different countries is not. There is mestizo, white, black, Asian, and everything under the sun in Latin America. You guys are making a big deal out of nothing.

      • Melisa says:

        So true, all skin is beautiful because if it was all brown or all white, how boring. But I love that people get to know that Latinos in general are such a mixed population, they are all so beautiful! You have the very light to very dark. It is all good. Be happy we have such a broad spectrum…
        I love that I am hispanic and that I speak Spanish. I am so proud of all the Hispanic people. We have come a long way! Love yourself no matter what skin color you are! Or others and don’t stereo type people.

  2. Becca says:

    Yes she is half salvadoran. Not everyone from El Salvador is dark skinned. Both of my parents are salvadoran and my skin is very pale. Few freckles here and there. :)

  3. Mirna says:

    I get so annoyed reading such ignorant comments. Not all Salvadorians are dark!

  4. VeRoni says:

    she is to white to be Salvadoran then again maybe she takes after her father

    • Me says:

      [email protected] ” she’s too white” it’s called genetics. She’s only half salvadoran and when you look at her older pics, her ethnic, exotic features were definitely showing. Her skin is white yes, but her natural hair is wavy/curly, plus her facial features are very exotic. I always knew she was not fully white.

    • Becca says:

      Ignorant. It’s like saying all mexicans are dark. There is alot of different descents in El Salvador “mestizos” mixed with european and Indian…which thats where the Asian comes in also from the Indians. :)

      • Anonymous says:

        How am I ignorant? I already know what a mestizo is, but Christy’s mother was not one. You are ignorant for thinking everyone living there is. Latin American is not a race, and it will never be. You are crazy if you think Christina Aguilera, George Lopez, and Zoe Saldana are all of the same race.

  5. Louisianian says:

    I read she’s Ecuadorian. Are you sure about El Salvador.

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