Chester Bennington

by Destryker on March 26, 2013

Chester Bennington

Birth Name: Chester Charles Bennington

Date of Birth: March 20, 1976

Place of Birth: Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.

Date of Death: July 20, 2017

Place of Death: Palos Verdes Estates, California, U.S.

Ethnicity: English, smaller amounts of German, Welsh, and Scottish, distant Dutch

Chester Bennington was an American singer, songwriter, and actor. He was part of several bands, as the frontman for Linkin Park, the lead singer for Dead by Sunrise, and, from 2013 to 2015, the frontman for Stone Temple Pilots. Other members of Linkin Park are Rob Bourdon, Brad Delson, Dave Farrell, Joe Hahn, and Mike Shinoda. Other members of Stone Temple Pilots include/included Dean DeLeo, Robert DeLeo, Eric Kretz, and Scott Weiland.

Chester was the son of Susan Elaine (Johnson) and Lee Russell Bennington.

Chester was married to model Talinda Ann Bentley, until his death. He had six children.

Chester’s paternal grandfather was Chester Carl/Karl Bennington (the son of Russell Taylor Bennington and Anna Della Saunders). Chester’s grandfather Chester was born in Ohio. Russell was the son of John Bennington and Mary Jane Miller. Anna was the daughter of Joseph W. Saunders and Mary Stivers.

Chester’s paternal grandmother was Marjorie Marie/Marvin John (the daughter of Herbert Henry John and Bertha Florene Webb). Marjorie was born in Ohio. Herbert was the son of The Rev. Robert Neuman/Newman John and Frances Adelia Snow. Bertha was the daughter of Andrew Jackson Webb and Barbara Jane Nye.

Chester’s maternal grandfather is Charles Henry Johnson (the son of George Russell Johnson and Gertrude Elizabeth Elmendorf/Elmendorff). Charles was born in California. George was the son of George H. Johnson and Minnie B. Brown. Gertrude was the daughter of Charles L. Elmendorf and Alinda F./T. Schall, whose parents were German, her father from Kassel, Hesse and her mother from Baden-Württemberg.

Chester’s maternal grandmother is Anita Faye Wells (the daughter of Reginald Lester Wells and Myrtle Bell Sebourn/Seabourn). Reginald was the son of Benjamin Lafayette Wells and Annie/Anna Elvira Prater. Myrtle was the daughter of William Preston “Bill” Sebourn and Mary Ann “Doll” Pense.

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Manila July 22, 2017 at 8:08 am

Alinda’s maiden surname is really Schall, and she was the daughter of German immigrants.

Manila July 21, 2017 at 3:05 pm

I have found George Johnson’s Social Security application record, and through that he was the son of George H. Johnson and Minnie B. Brown.

Birth record of Chester’s maternal great-grandfather, George Russell Johnson –

Marriage record of Chester’s maternal great-grandfather, George Russell Johnson, to Mildred Adelaide Lewin –

Manila July 21, 2017 at 3:12 pm

By the way, rest in peace :(

ethnic July 20, 2017 at 7:23 pm

RIP Chester

madman July 20, 2017 at 12:04 pm

This is a sad day for music. May he rest in peace :'(

Adrian1Cram February 12, 2016 at 11:50 pm
Devotion October 16, 2015 at 8:50 pm

Very strange, he’s rather fair skinned with light brown hair, and yet his eyes are extremely dark (sometimes you think if his pupils are just dilated and he has light eyes?). never seen that combination before.

he can pass as a slavic though.

neiltennant July 14, 2017 at 9:56 am

+ 1 wondered also

he has very dark eyes
i wonder where he got them

mostly celebs on TV and in their music videos tend to look darker

for example before HD big bang theory guy JIM PARSONS looked like he had brown eyes now i know he has blue eyes

many celebs on tv and on pics with green eyes or hazel eyes tend to look they have dark brown eyes

but if you see them you see that they have greenish eyes

for example STEVEN TYLER etc.

but i have seen CHESTER in 2003 on concert and was not far away from him and he had very dark eyes

nearly black like asians and african americans have

andrew July 14, 2017 at 12:49 pm

Really…you were at a Linkin Park gig and you focused on Chester’s eyes?? That is insane.

Hill July 20, 2017 at 12:42 pm

Wiat what? You’ve never seen a white person with brown hair and dark eyes? Just leave.

neiltennant July 23, 2017 at 12:28 pm

believe me i do live in germany my whole lifetime and i have never met a german with that dark eyes without having foreign blood

there are only a few non ethnic celebs with that dark eyes


and GWEN STEFANI (she has italian roots)

neiltennant July 9, 2015 at 6:27 am

HE Looks mixed

because he has very dark eyes DARK BROWN

Hill July 20, 2017 at 2:55 pm

Dark brown eyes = mixed okay.

neiltennant July 23, 2017 at 12:29 pm

you idiot

dark brown eyes are not common in europeans

the most germans and brits and even Italians with brown eyes i know have hazel eyes with a greenish tone

Freerk May 8, 2015 at 3:37 pm

The older he gets, the more he looks like Kermit.

Manila April 27, 2015 at 5:56 am

I am 100% sure that his father is Lee Russell Bennington (born December 9, 1941):

However due to his year of birth, I cannot trace him in the US Census (until 2022/3) nor Arizona genealogy website (until 2017/8) for this time.

follers April 27, 2015 at 1:10 pm

Thanks for the tip. I found all his ancestry here.

And since his father was born in Ohio, you can also use this.

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