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Nicole Fiscella

by stlucas on February 20, 2018

Nicole Fiscella – CW Network’s TCA All Star Celebration Party – Summer 2007 – Arrivals – Pacific Design Center – Los Angeles, CA, USA – Keywords: – – – Photo Credit: Glenn Harris / PR Photos

Place of Birth: Manhattan, New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 7 or 15, 1979

Ethnicity: Saint Lucian [African, Indian, possibly other]

Nicole Fiscella is an American actress and model.

Nicole is the daughter of Julietta. She was raised in Rochester, New York, by her mother and stepfather, Kevin Fiscella. Nicole has a brother, Chaz George.

Nicole’s biological parents are both from Saint Lucia. Saint Lucia is a sovereign island country in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Nicole is said to have African and East Indian ancestry.

Nicole’s maternal grandmother was likely named Lucille James.

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Amanda Setton

by stlucas on February 20, 2018

Birth Name: Amanda Eden Setton

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 16, 1985

*Syrian Jewish (father)
*Ashkenazi Jewish (mother)

Amanda Setton is an American actress.

Amanda is the daughter of Sue Ann (Kupferberg) and Joseph E. Setton. She was raised in Great Neck, New York. Her father is of Syrian Jewish descent and her mother is of Austrian Jewish ancestry.

Amanda’s maternal grandfather is Wallace “Wally” Kupferberg (the son of David Kupferberg and Pauline Uhrman). David was the son of parents from Austria, Harry Kupferberg and Sadie.

Amanda’s maternal grandmother was Godie/Goldie Cohen.

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Photo by kathclick/www.bigstockphoto.com/


Maya Erskine

by stlucas on February 20, 2018

Birth Name: Maya Mano Erskine

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: May 7, 1987

*Irish, Scottish, English (father)
*Japanese (mother)

Maya Erskine is an American actress.

Maya is the daughter of Mutsuko “Mutsy” (Mano) and jazz drummer Peter Erskine. Her mother’s surname, Mano, is of Japanese origin.

Maya’s paternal grandfather was Frederick Adams “Fred” Erskine (the son of William R. Erskine and Maud/Maude). William was born in Pennsylvania, to parents from Ireland. Maud was born in Canada, to English parents.

Maya’s paternal grandmother was named Lois Alberta Clark.

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Photo by kathclick/www.bigstockphoto.com/


Dyllan Christopher

by madman on February 19, 2018

Dyllan Christopher – 16th Annual Dances with Films Festival – “Broken Glass” Premiere – Arrivals and Q&A – TCL Chinese Theatre – Hollywood, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Eric Blumanhourst / PRPhotos.com

Birth Name: Dyllan Christopher Fernandez

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: December 12, 1991

Ethnicity: Cuban, Puerto Rican, other

Dyllan Christopher is an American actor.

Dyllan’s mother’s maiden name is Gits. His great-uncle is musician Augie Rey (Augie Rey Fernandez). Augie was born in New York and is said to have Puerto Rican, Cuban, French, and Chinese ancestry.

Dyllan’s paternal grandfather was likely the son of William Fernandez and Lucretia. William was Cuban. Lucretia was Puerto Rican.

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Britt Lower

by stlucas on February 19, 2018

Britt Lower – FX’s “Taboo” TV Series Los Angeles Premiere – Arrivals – Directors Guild of America, 7920 Sunset Boulevard – Los Angeles, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Guillermo Proano / PR Photos 

Birth Name: Brittney Leigh Lower

Place of Birth: Heyworth, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 2, 1985

Ethnicity: German, English, Irish

Britt Lower is an American actress.

Britt is the daughter of face painting artist Mickey Lower (born Mickey Sue Knight) and Steven D. “Steve” Lower. Britt’s brother is named Jonathon Brugh.

Britt’s paternal grandfather was Merlin Duane Lower (the son of Harry H. Lower and L. Vivia Gillespie). Harry was the son of Leslie Lower and Barbara Remhart/Reinhart, whose father was from Alsace-Lorraine and whose mother was born in Canada, to German parents. L. Vivia was the daughter of William Elmer Gillespie and Lottie Ann Hainline.

Britt’s paternal grandmother was named Nellie Mae “Nell” Jones.

Britt’s maternal grandfather was Carl Howard Knight (the son of Chester Arthur Knight and Lena V. Dirksmeyer). Chester was the son of Edward Knight and Margaret Turneus. Lena was the daughter of William Rutger Dirksmeyer, whose parents were German, and of Hannah Virginia Foiles.

Britt’s maternal grandmother is named Mabel Kendall.

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