Cassie Steele

"Pitch Perfect" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Birth Name: Cassandra Rae Steele

Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth: December 2, 1989

*English (father)
*Filipino (mother)

Cassie Steele is a Canadian actress, singer, and songwriter. Her father is of English descent. Her mother is of Filipino background.

Sources: Five Things You Don’t Know About Cassie Steele

Photo by PR Photos

5 Responses

  1. AnonymousPerson says:

    Most half white/half Filipino mixes look Hispanic. My friend is Filipino and white and she could pass as Hispanic.

  2. LooLoo says:

    I remember watching a degrassi behind the scenes special of some sort many years ago and I remember she said her father was from newcastle, england.

  3. J.J. says:

    correction; her eyes are hazel (light brown) and her hair is virtually black (noirette)

  4. ItsMe123 says:

    I always thought she was a Latina. I would have never guessed half Filipino and half White. She doesn’t look like a Hapa to me.

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