Carola Häggkvist

Birth Name: Carola Maria Häggkvist

Place of Birth: Stockholm, Sweden

Date of Birth: 8 September, 1966

Ethnicity: Swedish

Carola Häggkvist is a Swedish singer and songwriter. She is the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 1991, representing Sweden. She was also placed third in 1983, and fifth in 2006.

Carola is the daughter of Anita Margareta (Andersson) and Jan Ove Häggqvist.

Carola has a biological son and a adoptive daughter (who is from South Africa, whose biological parents died prior to adoption) with her former husband, Norwegian preacher Runar Devik Søgaard.

Carola’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to her fifth great-grandfather, Karl Gabrielsson (November 1726 – ?).

Carola’s paternal grandfather was Nils Einar Böckertz (the son of Sven Adolf Jansson Böckert and Alva Gerda Margareta Johansson). Sven was the son of Karl Magnus Jansson and Sara Svensdotter. Alva was the daughter of Anders Niklas Johansson and Maja Greta Säfverström.

Carola’s paternal grandmother was Rut Emilia Häggqvist (the son of Abraham Asplund and Erika Olivia Emilia Valborg Persdotter). Abraham was the son of Daniel Asplund and Lydia Häggqvist. Erika was the daughter of Per Olsson and Erika Selander.

Carola’s maternal grandfather was Hilding Karl Fritiof Andersson (later Antemo, the son of Karl Johan Edvard Andersson and Edla Karolina Söderqvist). Carola’s great-grandfather Karl was the son of Nils Fredrik Andersson and Lovisa Vilhelmina Westring. Edla was the daughter of Karl Vilhelm Söderqvist and Anna Charlotta Sjöberg.

Carola’s maternal grandmother was Rut Hildegard Larsson (the daughter of Lars Johan Larsson and Maria Magdalena Värmelin). Lars was the son of Lars Magnus Rask and Lovisa Persdotter. Maria Magdalena was the daughter of Anders Gustav Runman and Maria Vilhelmina Brovall.

Carola’s matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to her fourth great-grandmother, Maria Elisabet Björkman (14 November, 1785 – died in Gesvad, Bälinge, Uppsala).

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