Birth Name: Maria do Carmo Carvalho Rebelo de Andrade

Place of Birth: Lisbon, Portugal

Date of Birth: August 20, 1984

Ethnicity: Portuguese, along with small/distant amounts of Italian, French, German, English, and possibly Irish

Carminho is a Portuguese popular fado singer. She was born in Lisbon, Portugal, the daughter of Maria Teresa da Câmara de Siqueira Archer de Carvalho and Nuno Maria Bello Rebelo de Andrade. Her brother is Francisco Andrade.

Carminho’s paternal grandfather was Inácio Maria Vecchi Rebelo de Andrade. He had Portuguese, Italian, and French ancestry. His ancestors Felice (Félix) Vecchi (born c. 1820) and Claude de La Roquette (born c. 1619) hailed from Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy, and Paris, France, respectively.

Carminho’s paternal grandmother was Constança Maria Ravara Belo. Constança had Portuguese ancestry.

Carminho’s maternal grandfather was Nuno Alexandre Cabral Archer de Carvalho. He had Portuguese, German, Irish, Dutch, and English ancestry. His ancestor Marcos António Archer was born, c. 1721, to Diogo Archer (who was from Kilkenny, Ireland) and Maria Sofia Moring Whittingham. Maria Sofia’s father, Johann Möeringk, was from Gelderland, the Netherlands, and her mother, Doroteia Inácia Whittingham, was born in Portugal, to an English father, Henry Whittingham, and a Portuguese-English mother, Doroteia Maynard da Silva. Marcos António’s wife, Norberta Maria Amsinck, had German ancestry through her own father, Willelm Amsinck, who was from Hamburg, Germany.

Carminho’s maternal grandmother was Maria Teresa do Sagrado Coração de Figueiredo Cabral da Câmara de Siqueira. She had Portuguese ancestry.

Carminho’s parents are pictured here.

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