Carly Craig

Birth Name: Carly Christina Craig

Place of Birth: San Diego, California, United States

Date of Birth: June 12, 1980

*German, Irish, Dutch, English, Channel Islander/Guernsey (father)
*Swedish (maternal grandfather)
*Italian (maternal grandmother)

Carly Craig is an American actress.

Carly is the daughter of Marzalie Ann “Marz” (Olson) Moore and Rocky/Rockne Eugene Craig. Carly has a brother, Casey.

Carly’s paternal grandfather was Frank Eugene Craig (the son of Lewis Elva “Lou” Craig and Rachel Matilda “Tillie” Teter). Lewis was the son of James Craig, whose mother was from Guernsey, Channel Islands, and of Elizabeth Jane Arnold. Rachel was the daughter of George Parker Teter and Rachel Amanda McFerron.

Carly’s paternal grandmother was named Kay Ford.

Carly’s maternal grandfather was Harold Roderick Olson (the son of Oscar B. Olson/Olsen and Lillian Irene). Oscar was Swedish. Lillian was born in Nebraska, to parents from Sweden.

Carly’s maternal grandmother was Josephine “Jo” Distefano (the daughter of Antonino/Anthony Distefano and Marianna/Mary A. Seratore). Josephine was born in Nebraska, to parents from Italy.

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