Camila Alves

Place of Birth: Itambacuri, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Date of Birth: 28 January, 1982

Ethnicity: Brazilian [African, Portuguese, possibly other]

Camila Alves is a Brazilian and American model and designer. She is married to actor Matthew McConaughey, with whom she has three children.

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Lil Vacha

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  1. Jane says:

    I will never consider majority of middle eastern and North Africa as white because science has prove their are mixed white and black mixed period. Just like I will never considered megan fox, Ann Hathaway,Nicole Richie ect white and these people maybe look white but their DNA says their are mixed. People should stop the bullshit if you have white skin it doesn’t make you white. I here this from my German freinds many many Southern Europeans are mixed and aren’t white live with it ok. My son is mixed he looks arab or southern european but people like to think arabs are white I guess my son is white also? She looks mixed with black.

    • Nicole says:

      If you had any knowledge, you would know that when most “whites” take a DNA test, they are almost never 100% pure. The same is true for many “blacks.” Also, not just Southern Europeans have admixture but so do Eastern, Southeastern, and even Northern Europeans.

      Anyway, what does this have to do with Camilla? She is not white.

      • ena says:

        Nicole you are right , no one is pure i have multiracial family members who look pure nordic who are tall , blond hair , blue eyes and my half german brothers also look pure nordic with blond hair and blue eyes hitlers dream of a race. I am multiracial i have family members from all over the world and i also have friends from all over the world i am not ignorant.One of my German friends who white supremacist will consider him pure aryan his grandmother was West African with very dark skin.

    • Nicole says:

      I am Portuguese and I consider myself “white.” When I visit this site, I feel like I am stuck in the 1940’s. There is so much talk of being “pure.” It is infuriating. Most “whites” are not “pure.” There has been so much mixing that has occurred not just in the Americas but Europe as well. This is nothing to be ashamed of. They do DNA tests on “whites” all of the time, Jane, and most of the time they are not “100% pure.”

      These are rules utilized by white supremacists and Nordicists who believe that only Germanics are “white” and are interested in keeping themselves “pure.” Your thoughts support this and it is a very unscientific and uneducated way of thinking.

    • me says:

      so you think Britney spears and Hayden Panettierre are not white because they have Italian and Maltese ancestry? You also think Jessica Simpson and Hillary Clinton are not white? They say they have Native admixture. so you think the majority of white americans, canadians, and australians are not white because they may have distant native or African ancestry, or they are mixed with or are full South, East, and North European? so you basically think most white people in the world are not white?

      I know I said this before but this is some Nazi thinking. basically no one is white. you can even say they the Irish, Scottish, and welsh are not white because they descend from the Iberian peninsula like many Southern Europeans and actually have recent Southern European admixture. It still shows in many of their phenotypes.

      Nicole richie is a quarter black and a quarter mexican. She doesn’t
      see herself as white and neither does anyone else.

      btw DNA can’t say whether you are white or not. It is a social construct. There is no such DNA test that can detect “whiteness.” If you studied more, you would know that.

      I mean damn, based on your rules, “whites” just do not exist at all so my list about the prettiest “non-Caucasian” women was still spot on since according to you, bond of those women are white (:

  2. LaMoure says:

    Mdd…Thanks for going a step further with the Portuguese aspect of race. Again, it is obvious she has African heritage. You can see it in her full lips and skin tone.

    Furthermore, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Camila is beautiful and has her parents and their dna / genes to thank. I thank God Matthew is not big on race or color, jeez.

  3. LaMoure says:

    The saddest thing about some of the posts on here is that know one understands genetics. I am third generation African-American / Caucasian with a medium brown complexion but I have very fine hair, small nose, and lips.

    None of us know how the genes fall. But just a tip, African ethnicity can be seen in nose, lips, cheekbones, and skin tone. DNA / Genes is a role of the dice. It is obvious she has African blood but does it really matter? The woman is gorgeous period regardless of the mess we Americans bog our lives down with….RACE.

    Furthermore, most South Americans have African blood as many slaves ran to the country to escape slavery.

    • Nikki says:

      ”Furthermore, most South Americans have African blood as many slaves ran to the country to escape slavery” So are you saying there were no slaves in South America? That statement is IN-CORRECT. Africans were forcibly removed from their homeland….Africa, they were put on ships to Caribbean, South America, Central America and North America to work on sugar plantations ( caribbean) gold and Silver mines….(various countries of South America
      Cotton feilds…(North America) Ever heard of the triangular passage? That is how black ppl got to South America. Look it up and get educated, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, daughters and sons were separated/ dropped off on different Islands and in the Americas, North, South and Central, We are more related than ppl think, better think again…smh

      • Nikki says:

        Run from where? may I ask?” Which country? blacks are in every country of South America, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, everywhere (even Argentina who want outsiders to believe there are no afro-Argentinians, they are the minority, treated un-fairly and discriminated against but they are there and have always been in that racist country) SA is a continent, not a country.

    • Mariposa says:

      I agree with you that physical appearance is a roll of the dice. You can be mostly black but appear more European, or vice versa. There really is no phenotype for Europeans, Africans, Asians, etc. Latin America is far more African and Native than it promotes. There are many blacks, many mixed people, and even many who identify as white that may or may not know they are mixed.

      However, some African Americans and “Black Indians” did escape to Mexico because it is the closest country that abolished slavery first. But, South America, not sure about that. Out of all the Africans taken from the continent, I think more than half went to Brazil.

  4. Wrong! says:

    She is not blk.


      she is

      it says brazillian of african

      its black

      • Lopac Is My Lover says:

        Nina Dobrev’s last name is spelt Dobrev, not Debrev!

        • jeneaneb says:

          God help the idiots…no one is 100% pure anything. There has been too much rape throughout history and voluntary mixed breeding. I am biracial. And honey…if you got black in you, you are black. Yes, i am biracial. I am Italian, Black, Puerta Rican and Irish. I love it. But the fact of the matter is this. You mix black with any race and 99% of the time, you will not have to guess if that person has black in them. The problem is, there is no race labelled mulatto, or bi-racial, or mixed or any bullshit like that. So our minds are trapped in that stupid “what race are you ” and then you have to check one, when in fact you may be many. GET OVER IT!!! She is black!!!! Black of this or that is fucking black!!! Jesus!!! I am so sick of these friggin racist ass people who have this weird thing about the handful of black people they “respect” or “like” or think are “hot” so they have to justify their blackness in order to justify their reasons for liking them. SHUT UP AND EAT A DICK!!! She is black, by way of Brazil(if that makes you feel better) and she is Portugese. ” She is MULATTO for the idiot who said she is not mulatto,” Halle Berry’s kid is mulatto but she is not!!!” What!?!!? Shut the frick up. Mulatto is anyone who is of obvious mixed races, having different race parents. SHE IS MULATTO!!! Jesus people…get over it. NO ONE IS 100% ANYTHING, NOT EVEN YOU, YOU FRIGGIN NAZI PRICK!!! Have a blessed day all!!!

  5. KayMariee says:

    I always wondered what she was mixed with. She is gorgeous :)

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