Bradford Dillman

Place of Birth: San Francisco, California

Date of Birth: April 14, 1930

Ethnicity: English, German

Bradford Dillman is an American actor and author.

Bradford’s paternal grandparents were Charles Francis Dillman (the son of William P. Dillman and Sarah J. Rhodes) and Stella Borland Dean (the daughter of Elisha B. Dean and Jannette Wilcox). Sarah was born in Yorkshire, England. Jannette was born in Canada.

Bradford’s maternal grandparents were Charles Cadwell Moore (the son of Lewis William Moore and Mary B.) and Lillian May Breed (the daughter of Levi Newton Breed and Annie J. Blunt).

Source: Genealogy of Bradford’s paternal grandmother, Stella Borland Dean (focusing on her own mother’s side) –

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