Bonnie Hunt

by ethnic on January 11, 2010

Name: Bonnie Lynne Hunt

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois

Date of Birth: September 22, 1961

*25% Irish
*25% Belgian/Luxembourgian
*50% Polish

Bonnie Hunt is an American actress, director, producer, writer, host, and comedian. She appeared in the films Beethoven, Cheaper by the Dozen, Cars, as well as their sequels. She hosted a talk show, The Bonnie Hunt Show (2008-2010).

Bonnie’s father was of half Irish and half Belgian/Luxembourgian descent. Bonnie’s mother’s family is Polish.

Bonnie’s paternal grandfather was Thomas M. Hunt (the son of Patrick Hunt and Elizabeth “Lizzie” Clossick). Thomas’s parents were Irish. Patrick was the son of Martin Hunt and Bridget Gallagher.

Bonnie’s paternal grandmother was Celia S. Reuland (the daughter of John Peter Reuland and Agnes Anna Petit). John was the son of Belgian parents, Nicholas Reuland and Maria/Mary Clemens. Agnes’s parents, Michael Petit and Catherine “Kate” Deville, were also from Luxembourg/Belgium.

Bonnie’s maternal grandparents were Frank Jatczak (the son of Josf Jatczak and Marie Maciejewski) and Mary Katerine Drejws. Frank and Mary were both Polish immigrants.

Sources: Genealogy of Bonnie Hunt (focusing on her father’s side) –

Bonnie’s paternal grandparents, Thomas M. Hunt and Celia S. Reuland, on the 1930 U.S. Census –

photo by Joan Garvin

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