Barrett Martin

Birth Name: Barrett Harrington Martin

Place of Birth: Olympia, Washington, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 14, 1967

Ethnicity: Scottish, possibly other

Barrett Martin is an American musician. He is the former drummer for the American grunge bands Skin Yard and Screaming Trees, as well as the supergroups Mad Season and Tuatara.

Barrett has said:

I love the South and I do not get here often enough, even though my dad’s family came from Fayetteville.

He also has said:

A couple of us in the Papers have grandparents from Ireland, Duff and I do (McKagan and Harrington clans respectively!) and probably Ben and Jeff do as well. You cant really be a rock and roller without some Irish in you – this job requires a serious sense of humor. Then again everyone has the Irish in them, if you know how to read and have any kind of wit about you. I once had the honor of talking with Paddy Maloney in a bar in Havana, Cuba – what a beautiful human being he is. And I was recently doing a little reading about Irish history. Did you know that the Romans could never get a foothold there? There’s not a single Roman ruin in Ireland. They made it partly into Scotland, that is, until they encountered the Highlanders on the field of battle and decided to call it quits at Hadrien’s Wall. But in Ireland, every time the Romans tried to take a beach head, the Celtic warriors would come down from the hills, half naked and covered in “wode” (look it up) and they would cut the Romans in half with their broadswords, right there on the beach. The surviving Romans would then run back to their boats to try again another day, but history shows they finally gave up.

Barrett is married to psychologist Lisette Garcia.


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