António Costa

Birth Name: António Luís Santos da Costa

Place of Birth: São Sebastião da Pedreira, Lisbon, Portugal

Date of Birth: 17 July, 1961

Ethnicity: Portuguese, French, Indian (Goan)

António Costa is a Portuguese lawyer and politician.

His father, Orlando António Fernandes da Costa, was a writer, and was of Indian (Goan), Portuguese and French descent. His mother, Maria Antónia de Assis dos Santos Palla e Carmo, is a Portuguese journalist and recognized feminist activist. He is married to teacher Fernanda Maria Gonçalves Tadeu.

Prime Minister Costa’s paternal grandparents were Luís Afonso Maria da Costa (the son of João José da Costa and Genoveva Emerenciana Álvares) and Amélia Maria Fréchaut Fernandes. Amélia was born in Mozambique, and was of French descent. Genoveva was the daughter of Camilo Dionísio Álvares and Quiteria Epifania da Costa.

Prime Minister Costa’s maternal grandparents were Ítalo Ferrer dos Santos and Angelina Panico Assis.

Source: Genealogy of António Costa –

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