Andres Tarand

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Place of Birth: Tallinn, Estonia

Date of Birth: 11 January, 1940

Ethnicity: Estonian

Andres Tarand is an Estonian politician. He served as the Prime Minister of Estonia, from 8 November 1994 to 17 April 1995.

He is the son of Helmut (Takenberg) Tarand and Leida Agathe (Karu) Tarand. He is married to Mari Viiding.

Andres’ patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his sixth great-grandfather, Mats.

Andres’ paternal grandfather was Hans Takenberg (later Tarand, the son of Priidik Takenberg and Tiina Lindenvald). Priidik was the son of Mihkel Takenberg and Liso Ridak. Tiina was the daughter of Jüri Lindenvald and Ann.

Andres’ paternal grandmother was Anna Graustein (the daughter of Mihkel Graustein and Mari Karol). Andres’ great-grandfather Mihkel was the son of Tõnno Graustein and Krõõt Allikof. Mari was the daughter of Jaan Karol and Mari Tamse.

Andres’ maternal grandfather was Hindrek Karro (later Karu, the son of Hinrek Karro and Krõõt Lehrwerk). Hinrek was the son of Tõnno Karro and Liso Tedder. Andres’ great-grandmother Krõõt was the daughter of Hans Lehrwerk and Kai Tui.

Andres’ maternal grandmother was Annette Loorberg (the daughter of Hans Lorberg, later Loorberg, and of Ann Lukusepp). Andres’ great-grandfather Hans was the son of Jüri Lorberg and Mari. Andres’ great-grandmother Ann was the daughter of Jüri Lukusepp and Liisu Strandberg.

Andres’ matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to her fourth great-grandmother, Ann.

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