Alicia Vikander

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Birth Name: Alicia Amanda Vikander

Place of Birth: Gothenburg, Västra Götalands län, Sweden

Date of Birth: 3 October, 1988

Ethnicity: Swedish, small amount of Finnish, distant Baltic German

Alicia Vikander is a Swedish actress and dancer. She won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for The Danish Girl (2015).

She is the daughter of Maria Fahl Vikander, an actress, and Svante Vikander, a psychiatrist. Alicia is married to German-Irish actor and producer Michael Fassbender. A picture of Alicia’s mother can be seen here.

Alicia has said that the filmmakers of her movie The Danish Girl were:

…obsessed with me not looking Scandinavian and I was like, ‘I’m the only Scandinavian in the whole film.’ They paled my skin, to make me lighter. People say that I’m tanned, but that’s my natural color.

In an interview on Conan O’Brien’s show on May 5, 2015, Conan told Alicia,

there’s a misconception… there’s this belief that everyone who’s Swedish has blonde [hair], blue eyes… clearly you’re proof that that’s not the case.

Alicia replied,

I always get that question… where are your parents really from?… Do you know where your dad’s from?… [My parents] are both from very small villages, from up north and south of Sweden… I’m a quarter Finnish, but that doesn’t really make me much darker.

Alicia’s maternal grandfather was Anders Gustaf Edvard Fahl (the son of Gustaf Adolf Fahl and Anna Margareta Heideman/von Heideman). Alicia’s grandfather Anders was born in Annedal, Göteborg och Bohus, Sweden. Along with Swedish, Anders also had a small amount of Baltic German ancestry, and descent from Finland-Swedish nobility. Alicia’s great-grandfather Gustaf was the son of Erik Gustaf Georg Anders Henrik Fahl and Maria Andersdotter. Alicia’s great-grandmother Anna was the daughter of Georg Carl Fredrik Heideman/von Heideman and Gustafva Katarina Ulrika Raab.

Alicia’s maternal grandmother was Solveig/Solweig Waldemarsdotter/Valdemarsdotter (the daughter of Gustav Waldemar Timper, later Hasse, and of Elmi Irene Maria Sandholm). Solveig was Finnish. Gustav was the son of Karl Gustav Timper and Aina Wilhelmina Skoglund. Elmi was the daughter of Alfred Gabriel Sandholm and Anna Charlotta Asujamaa.

LOS ANGELES - FEB 28: Alicia Vikander, parents at the 88th Annu

Vikander and her parents by kathclick/Bigstock

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47 Responses

  1. cwm85 says:

    There are no one size fits all. Every in west Africa there are people who are dark as coal and a caramel complexion. There are some Africans also with blonde here. Rare as it is, its true. Just because someone is a native to one area doesn’t mean their background is the same as well. Many people are born in a country but have no ancestry related to the country. Just something people should think about.

  2. xoxo says:

    Her mother lied to her, she looks South American.

  3. J.J. says:

    she definitely does not look scandinavian. She has dark hair, brown eyes and she’s not tall (166cm; average in the UK but short in Scandinavia). Looking at her on google images i’d say she looks French if i had to speculate a country, but since it’s unlikely she has any southern or eastern european ancestry that she wouldn’t know about (not to mention many southern and eastern europeans have light eyes and less frequently light hair) i’d say she has some Mongoloid blood from native northern Scandinavians which would explain her dark hair & eyes, her height, her lips, her cheekbones etc. That’s my opinion at least, dark hair and eyes are not native nor common amongst nordics of germanic blood.

    • thomas1987 says:

      You don’t have to be blonde, tall and have blue eyes to be northern European, she is Swedish, look at her facial features, not coloring.I am guessing you are American, that’s why you think this?

      • andrew says:

        no, he’s an Aussie. Average height in Sweden is 166 cm for women and 180/181 for men, therefore she isnt short at all.

        • ashash says:

          The average Swedish woman is about 5’4. The average height for a Swedish man is about 5’10. It seems “tall, blonde, and blue-eyed” is just a stereotype for Swedes and Scandinavians in general, especially the tall part. JJ is operating off of those stereotypes.

  4. ashash says:

    I don’t get the fuss over her ethnicity. She looks unambiguously white to me. Is it because she’s a brunette, tanned Scandinavian? Stranger things have happened. Bjork looks more exotic than her.

    This is a nice picture of her.

  5. Rekta says:

    she looks more mediterranean than stereotypically scandinavian and she could pass in many southern and eastern european countries.

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