Alexander Hamilton

Birth Name: Alexander John Hamilton

Date of Birth: January 11, 1757

Place of Birth: Charlestown, Nevis, British West Indies

Date of Death: July 12, 1804

Place of Death: New York City, New York, U.S.

*Scottish (father)
*English, more distant French Huguenot

Alexander Hamilton was an American statesman. He is a Founding Father of the United States. He served as Delegate to the Congress of the Confederation from New York, from November 4, 1782 to June 21, 1783, and from November 3, 1788 to March 2, 1789, as the 1st U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, from September 11, 1789 to January 31, 1795, and as Senior Officer of the Army, from December 14, 1799 to June 15, 1800.

Alexander was born in Charlestown, Nevis, British West Indies, the son of Rachel Betsy (Faucette/Fawcette/Fawcett) and James A. Hamilton. His father was of Scottish origin. His mother was said to be of English, and some French Huguenot, ancestry. Alexander was orphaned as a child. He arrived in the mainland United States in the early 1770s, living in New Jersey and New York.

Alexander was married to Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, who co-founded and was deputy director of the first private orphanage in New York City. The couple had eight children.

Alexander’s paternal grandfather was Alexander Hamilton (the son of John Hamilton and Rebecca Cunningham). Alexander’s grandfather Alexander was a laird, from Grange, Ayrshire. John was the son of John Hamilton and Elizabeth Crawford/Craufurd. Rebecca was born in Craigends, Johnstone, Renfrewshire, the daughter of Alexander Cunningham and Janet Cunningham.

Alexander’s paternal grandmother was Elizabeth Pollock (the daughter of Sir Robert Bruce Pollack and Annabella/Annabel Maxwell or Stewart). Robert was born in Newton Mearns, East Renfrewshire, Scotland, the son of Sir Robert Pollok and Jean Crawfurd. Annabella was the daughter of Sir George Maxwell and Annabella Stewart, or of Walter Stewart.

Alex’s maternal grandparents were John/Jean Fawcette/Faucette (the son of John Fawcett/Fawcette and Mary Painter) and Mary Uppinton/Uppington/ham.

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