Adrianne Palicki

Birth Name: Adrianne Lee Palicki

Place of Birth: Toledo, Ohio, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 6, 1983

*Polish, Hungarian (father)
*German, English (mother)

Adrianne Palicki is an American actress.

Adrianne’s paternal grandfather was of Polish descent, while Adrianne’s paternal grandmother was of Hungarian ancestry. Adrianne’s mother is of German and English ancestry.

Adrianne’s paternal grandfather was Arthur Jerome Palicki (the son of Robert C. Palicki and Anna R. Katafias). Arthur’s parents were both born in Ohio, and all of Arthur’s grandparents were born in Poland.

Adrianne’s paternal grandmother was Margaret Ann Hunyor (the daughter of Stephen Louis Hunyor and Margaret Tresso/Treso). Stephen was born in Ohio, the son of Hungarian parents, Louis Hunyor and Barbara/Bertha Olah. Adrianne’s great-grandmother Margaret was also born in Ohio, also to Hungarian parents, John Tresso and Angeline Smith.

Adrianne’s maternal grandfather was Donald Carl French (the son of Carl Clarence French and Mildred Kathryn White). Adrianne’s great-grandfather Carl was the son of James Carl French and Lillian Carson Bordine. Mildred was the daughter of Ernest Benjamin White and Katherine C. Hagaman.

Adrianne’s maternal grandmother was Lola Mae Heck (the daughter of Edward Godfrey Michel Heck and Wilhelmina “Minnie” Louisa Johanna Zimmerman). Lola was of German descent. Edward was the son of Christian Frederick “Christ” Heck, whose father was from Baden, and of Caroline/Carolina “Carrie” Meyer, whose parents were from Baden. Wilhelmina was the daughter of Albert Carl Christian Zimmerman and Fredericka/Frederike Augusta Christina Zingleman/Zingelman.

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