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Birth Name: Adelén Rusillo Steen

Place of Birth: Tønsberg, Vestfold, Norway

Date of Birth: 4 November, 1996

*Norwegian (father)
*Spanish [Andalusian] (mother)

Adelén is a Spanish and Norwegian singer.

Her father, Tore Johan Steen, is Norwegian. Her mother, María del Pilar Rusillo Rodríguez, is Spanish, from Bailén, Jaén.

Adelén’s paternal grandparents were Jan Steen and Astrid Schultz (the daughter of an unknown father and Signe Pauline Schultz). Signe was the daughter of Sigurd Schultz and Signe Edvardsdatter Eriksen.

Adelén’s maternal grandparents were surnamed Rusillo and Rodríguez.


Genealogy of Adelén (focusing on her father’s side) –

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